200815_1016500544987_7817_nNyoman began his career as Database Administrator in private sector. His expertise in Microsoft Excel, Geographic Information System (GIS), database and system development combines with his love to nature lead him to expand his career to coastal and marine resource management in 2010 with The Nature Conservancy – Indonesia Marine Program and promoted to Conservation Database Specialist in 2011. His grand projects include developing Ticketing and Finance Management System for a joint venture company; establishing Indonesia Marine Protected Area Database and Information System, and Marine Protected Area Monitoring and Evaluation System in partnership with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries – Species and Area Conservation Division
Nyoman has more than 8 years of experience in Statistic Data Processing and reporting in various sectors, including health, finance and tourism; and has a range of skills in system programming and database management. He is also an active blogger and boy scout senior. Nyoman’s major role is leading MPA Design with GIS training and Marine Spatial Planning training, besides he is also in charge in IT Administration and System Management.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. adi kosong nah? 🙂

  2. nyoman

    @a! : ae bli. konden sempat ngisinin

  3. nyoman

    @a! : udah aku update ni bli

  4. hehe. isinya kayak mau nglamar pekerjaan nok. 😀

  5. nyoman

    Resumenya nge-refer kesini puk. so sekalian aja dah KoPas 😀

  6. keren bli,, ajain nah 😀

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